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Mission: Research development works with ASU research faculty, staff and leaders to improve funding success and grow the research enterprise.

Values: Our office values the individual merits and experience of every person across the network of research at ASU regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, language or belief system, and their inherent ability, as well as our own ability, to learn how to improve the scale, fidelity, accuracy and quality of our work.

Goals: We accomplish our mission through empowering and emboldening ASU faculty, staff and students to increase their competitive edge in support of the expanding quality and quantity of the research enterprise.

Research development is comprised of five different functional groups: competitive intelligence, proposal management, limited submissions, events and graphics.

  • Our competitive intelligence function provides actionable insights and future-looking intelligence to inform leadership decisions and proposal strategy.
  • Our proposal management function connects early and often with teams to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposal development period using industry best practices for large-scale and strategic proposals. It also leverages the power of graphics for communicating key themes.
  • Our limited submissions function serves as a transparent, robust system for selecting the most competitive proposals for selected opportunities while providing actionable feedback for all submissions.
  • Our events function brings small and large groups together to discuss current opportunities and to plan for future ones to create a community of practice dedicated to improving teaming, proposals and award performance within and across ASU’s research enterprise.
  • Our graphics function measures input for work in order to improve process and impact through effective use of graphics.

Research Development staff

art director
strategic intelligence analyst senior
opportunity manager
strategic intelligence analyst senior
executive director
events coordinator
events manager
proposal manager
associate director
proposal manager
proposal manager