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  • Capture Managers gather insight, build connections, and plan competitive responses before formal opportunities are announced.
  • Strategic Intelligence Analysts provide actionable insights and future-looking intelligence to inform leadership decisions and proposal strategy.
  • Opportunity Managers support the limited submissions process by providing a transparent, equitable, and efficient method for selecting proposals when solicitations have institutional limits. Opportunity Managers also promote and highlight Internal Funding programs and faculty Nominations & Award opportunities.
  • Proposal Managers connect early and often with teams to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposal development period using industry best practices for large-scale and strategic proposals.
  • Graphic Designers support the effective use of graphics through data visualization, infographics, and illustrations for large and strategic proposals.
  • Our events bring small and large groups together to discuss current opportunities and to plan for future ones to create a community of practice dedicated to improving teaming, proposals, and award performance within and across ASU’s research enterprise.

Mission: Research Development works with ASU research faculty, staff and leaders to improve funding success and grow the research enterprise.

Vision: The members of the KE RD team are thought-leaders in the field of Research Development, innovating and implementing effective practices in collaboration with colleagues at ASU and in the broader field.

Research Development staff

art director
strategic intelligence analyst senior
editor research proposal publications
proposal manager
project coordinator
proposal manager
research editor associate
associate director
capture manager
senior proposal manager
proposal manager