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Strategic intelligence products

A number of reports are available for various federal sponsors and their programs, as well as ASU internal capacities, and research landscapes. Contact to request a new sponsor or program evaluation or other intelligence project. Turnaround times for projects vary but may take two to four weeks.See the table below for a description of available product types.


External Profile
Who are the leading researchers in a specific research area?

External profiles are biographical sketches of faculty or centers external to ASU. These can serve to inform hiring or highlight exemplar centers and experts in a scientific area. Name, Title, Email, Weblink, Highlights, Biography, Research Areas of Interest, Education, Publications, Research Funding, Position and Employment, Notable Innovative Research, Honors and Awards, Patents.
Capacity Analysis
What are ASUs strengths in a specific research area?
Capacity analyses are internal facing and examine ASU's capacity in a given research area through examination of networks, resources, facilities, faculty, and centers. These analyses illuminate ASU strengths and potential areas for development. Includes information on: Labs, Centers, Faculty, Facilities, Publications, Awards, Patents
Landscape Analysis
Who are exemplar institutions in a specific research area?
Landscape analyses examine funding opportunities or leading research institutions and individuals within a particular field. These analyses help ASU better understand its position within the broader landscape. These analyses survey major research projects, publications, centers, and other pertinent information. Major research projects, Publications, Centers, Collaborations
Program Analysis
How can I be more competitive for a funding opportunity?
Program analyses examine specific funding programs to determine how ASU can best position itself when submitting for research funding. Program analyses include: interrogation of historic program funding trends, geographic distributions of funding, budgeting analysis, timeline analysis, human intelligence from program managers and others, and research topic analysis. History of awards, Funding trends, Geographic distribution, Best practices, Budgeting, Timeline, Program Managers
Sponsor Analysis
What does a specific sponsor plan to fund?
Sponsor analyses are conducted to better inform researchers and staff at ASU of broad funding strategies. The analyses often include intelligence stemming from budgets, strategic plans, historic funding trends, mission and vision statements, and information from program managers and others. Budget, Strategic plan, Historic funding trends, Mission and vision, Leadership