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Hispanic Serving Institutional Designation Eligibility For Funding Opportunities

Research Development
January 23, 2023

Hispanic Serving Institution Designation for Arizona State University

The Department of Education (DoEd) designates certain institutions of higher education as Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) when they meet specific requirements, including undergraduate enrollment of at least 25% Hispanic students. This designation provides institutions with resources to develop academic services and other support that can more effectively address the needs of Hispanic student populations. ASU’s designation status can be found at and is the official record of the designation. The Research Administration blog and eligibility page will reflect the current status of ASU's designation.

As of January 2023, ASU is designated an HSI by the DoEd. The designation will allow Arizona State University (ASU) to apply to previously unavailable sponsored project programs. These opportunities have been designed to support less well-resourced organizations and communities achieve their aspirations. Thus, it is advisable that ASU principal investigators evaluate the opportunities thoroughly before responding. Creating a strong synergy across programs at ASU that support Hispanic student recruitment, retention, and graduation and research sponsored projects will result in a more competitive positioning for submissions and increase the ability of ASU to realize its charter.

For some agencies, designation as an HSI automatically qualifies a university as a Minority Serving Institution (MSI). However, not every agency with an MSI program includes HSI's. Some instead follow the Title 20 definition, which states that an MSI must have 50% minority student full-time undergraduate enrollment. Reach out to your RA or the sponsor for clarification about MSI eligibility.

Every funding opportunity will have a section on eligibility. Each principal investigator should confer with their research administrative (RA) professional to evaluate eligibility. In some cases, prior to appearing on the Department of Education's eligibility matrix, a certification or letter confirming ASU's eligibility can be provided for compliance. Coordination between the RA and the Office of Sponsored Research Program Administration (ORSPA) is required to secure the needed documentation, when appropriate for the opportunity.

Finding Funding Opportunities

Pivot ProQuest: Comprehensive global source of funding opportunities including for the Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) designation

HSI Funding Opportunity Tracker

Research Development, in cooperation with Research Advancement Services, has created the HSI Funding Opportunity Tracker. This is a resource designed for ASU faculty, staff, and students to find funding opportunities for HSI institutions and check ASU's eligibility to submit proposals to those opportunities. This is not a comprehensive listing of HSI funding opportunities but we continue to add more opportunities all the time.

HSI funding opportunities tracker:

We have created a short video that demonstrates how to use the tracker.

If you have questions about the tracker, or have a new opportunity you think should be added, please email

If you have questions regarding eligibility for an opportunity, please contact your Research Administrator or

Limited Submissions

ASU's Limited Submissions is managed within Research Development. The office provides a transparent, equitable, and efficient method for promoting and selecting proposals for opportunities that are limited at the institutional level. When a solicitation requires Minority Serving or Hispanic Serving designation, this is not a Limited Submission. It is an eligibility requirement. When a solicitation requires submission by a type of institution, i.e., land grant, that is an eligibility requirement. A Limited Submission is when the solicitation requires the HSI designation and is limited to some predefined number of applications per each institution or college.

Principal Investigators are asked to confer with their Research Advancement (RA) professional to review both eligibility and limitation for all solicitations prior to pursuit. If the solicitation is a Limited Submission, please do the following:

  1. Review the site for an announcement/posting:
  2. If it does not appear, email

Additional ASU resources

Preparing a Proposal

Research Development provides frequent workshops designed to empower a general audience to leverage best practice for developing a compelling, competitive proposal to any funding organization. Please look for the Proposal Development Workshop slate: Research Development staff are always available to review solicitations, discuss teaming, and identify ways to enhance the competitiveness of a concept or project. If you have a question or idea, please email to request a consultation.


updated: 1/23/2023