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Procurement Innovation Topics for Targeted RFP with the Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency

Research Development
September 23, 2021


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The Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency is a consortium of universities and industry partners whose mission is to conduct research, education and workforce development activities that will respond to challenging problems and offer innovative solutions to issues faced by decision-makers in the Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE). Led by Arizona State University, the focus of the CAOE is to support the evolution of data-enabled analysis and decision-making practices within the HSE.

In the era of Big Data, novel tools and methods need to be developed to enable DHS managers and operators to parse, manage and explore the ongoing data deluge in ways that are easy to navigate in the everyday operations of the HSE. The goal is to detect patterns, model processes, predict futures, mitigate risks and quantify the impact of threats and vulnerabilities to the HSE. Research performed by the CAOE focuses on generating predictive and prescriptive methods that can be tactically used by the HSE for more effective real-time decision-making, risk assessment and economic evaluations. 


This RFP specifically targets improvements for contracting and procurement innovations in the government

Estimated FundingCAOE intends to award one or two projects specifically related to procurement innovation. This (these) project(s) would have an anticipated period of performance of January 1, 2022 through 12 - 24 months following grant award including a Go/No Go decision in or around June 30, 2022 and, subsequently on June 30, 2023 for 24 month projects. Typical awards will be from $100,000 to $250,000. New investigator projects tend to be single PI projects in the $125,000 range

Eligible GranteesOrganizations eligible to receive CAOE grants are educational institutions. CAOE does not award grants to individuals or to federal, state, county, local government, private industry, and private nonprofit organizations and foundations entities — though those groups may be partners in the work conducted by the grant recipient. Collaborations among organizations are encouraged but not required. The proposal’s designated principal investigator must be an employee of the organization applying for a CAOE grant. Collaborative proposals including funding requests from more than one organization should be submitted as a combined proposal; however, with the understanding that ASU may make awards to each separate organization with one having the lead role and others will be named as non-lead roles (similar to NSF Collaborative projects.)

Deadline: November 15, 2021

All proposals must be submitted through the CAOE grant application portal at: 


The full RFP is available here and more information on CAOE may be found at