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Need a letter of support or commitment from ASU leaders? Want to involve local or state governments or need letters of support from them? We can help.

Research development works with ASU leaders to secure letters of support and commitment for proposals to funding agencies. We also work with ASU’s Office of Public Affairs to solicit letters of support from regional governments and other special interests.

Note: Requests must be received at least 10 days prior to the sponsor deadline.



  1. Determine if a letter is required or recommended by the soliciting organization or funding agency.
  2. Identify who needs to sign your letter (e.g., president, executive vice president of research, provost).
  3. Determine what the letter needs to illustrate (e.f., infrastructure support, cost sharing, general support).
  4. Prepare the draft letter using this template as a guide.
  5. Have your department chair or research dean review the letter.
  6. Send the letter [as a Word file (.DOC or .DOCX,)], solicitation information (attached as a .PDF), and any background documentation (e.g., cost-sharing approvals) to Please give us a timeframe for when you need the letter returned.
  7. RD will review the letter and contact you with any clarifications or edits.

Please note that letters should be of the highest quality before you send them to our office for review. If you would like sample text or need help getting started, let us know. We also encourage you to consult someone in RD or an experienced colleague about your draft prior to requesting leadership signature.