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National Ataxia Foundation
Opportunity Information:
The National Ataxia Foundation is committed to funding the best science relevant to hereditary and sporadic types of ataxia in both basic and translational research.  NAF invites research applications from U.S.A. and International non-profit and for-profit institutions.  Non-U.S. citizens are eligible to apply for a research grant from NAF.  Funding for Ataxia-Telangiectasia research proposals will receive a lower priority unless they lend themselves to an overall better understanding of the ataxia disease process.  A Letter of Intent is REQUIRED prior to submitting any research grant applications by the deadlines listed below.  Grant Applications submitted that are not preceded by a Letter of Intent, will NOT be reviewed.Research applications are to be submitted in a single pdf as an attachment in an email to  Hard copies of applications are no longer required. Electronic signatures will be accepted.Email all correspondence and questions to Sue Hagen at  Please include the last name of the principal investigator as the first word in the subject line of any email you send. No funds provided by the National Ataxia Foundation may be used for indirect/F&A costs. Below are descriptions of NAF’s research programs: Research Grants Young Investigator Awards Fellowship Awards Letters of Intent to apply for any of the research grants must include the name and credentials of the Principle Investigator and the name of the institution, city, state and (if out of the United States) the name of the country. NAF Research Grants Research Grant: One-year seed money grants of up to $15,000 but promising proposals up to a maximum of $30,000 will be considered for early or pilot phases of studies and ongoing investigations. Applicants for seed-money grants need to be faculty members. July 16, 2018 – Date the Letter of Intent is due with a ½ to one-page abstract with specific aims of your research. August 15, 2018 – Full application due NAF Young Investigator Awards Young Investigator (YI) Award: One-year grants* of $35,000 to encourage young investigators to pursue a career in the field of any form of Ataxia research. For Young Investigator award programs, candidates must have attained an MD or PhD degree, and have an appointment as a junior faculty member, senior post-doc or clinical fellow. Individuals at the Associate Professor level are not eligible. Clinicians must have finished their residency no more than five years prior to applying. PhDs must be no more than five years from end of the completion of their post-doc training. The sponsoring institution must agree in writing to the following provision: the young investigator (MD or PhD) must be free to allocate approximately half time (50%) for Ataxia related research. August 1, 2018 – Date the Letter of Intent is due with a ½ to one-page abstract with specific aims of your research and the name of your mentor September 4, 2018 – Full application due NAF Fellowship Awards Research Post-Doc Fellowship Award: One-year grants* up to $35,000. Applicants should have completed at least one year of post-doctoral training, but not more than two at the time of application, and should have shown a commitment to research in the field of Ataxia. August 15, 2018 – Date the Letter of Intent is due with a ½ to one-page abstract with specific aims of your researchand the name of your mentor September 17, 2018 – Full application due
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Submissions to this sponsor/donor are managed by the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations. Please contact your unit-assigned ASUF Director of Development or Research Advancement Specialist at your earliest convenience to ensure ASU's strategic coordination and management of funding applications.

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