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Applications for research of human origins

Leakey Foundation
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The San Francisco-based Leakey Foundation aims to increase scientific knowledge, education, and public understanding of human origins, evolution, behavior, and survival. 

The foundation invites applications from investigators for research into human origins, including paleoanthropology, genetics, primate behavior, and the behavioral ecology of contemporary hunter-gatherers. Priority of funding is commonly given to exploratory phases of promising new research projects that meet the foundation’s stated purpose.

Most grants will range between $3,000 and $15,000, though grants of up to $20,000 will be awarded to PhD candidates, and $30,000 will be awarded to senior scientists and post-doctoral researchers.

Eligible applicants include advanced doctoral students (advanced to candidacy—all but dissertation) and established scientists. There are no citizenship restrictions.

For complete program guidelines and application instructions, see the Leakey Foundation website.

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Submissions to this sponsor/donor are managed by the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations. Please contact your unit-assigned ASUF Director of Development or Research Advancement Specialist at your earliest convenience to ensure ASU's strategic coordination and management of funding applications.

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