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Applications for Fragile X Syndrome Clinical Trials

FRAXA Research Foundation
Opportunity Information:

The FRAXA Research Foundation invites applications for its Clinical Trial Grants program, which will award grants for clinical research with human subjects with Fragile X. Grants are flexible in amount, structure, and duration but may be subject to negotiation. Emphasis will be placed on clinical trials of potentially disease-modifying agents previously validated in Fragile X animal models, especially in previous FRAXA-funded research. Other types of clinical research will also be considered, such as biomarker studies in Fragile X patients or trials of symptomatic therapies; however, this type of research is a lower priority.

There is no limit to the structure of a grant (can fund principal investigator, postdoc, grad student, technician, supplies, etc.) or timeframe (though all grants over one year need yearly renewal); and no limit on amount. According to the foundation, applications are evaluated based on relative value, so smaller requests have an advantage.

For complete program guidelines and application instructions, see the FRAXA Research Foundation website.

ASU Information:

Submissions to this sponsor/donor are managed by the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations. Please contact your unit-assigned ASUF Director of Development or Research Advancement Specialist at your earliest convenience to ensure ASU's strategic coordination and management of funding applications.

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