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Partner with the Center for Broadening Participation in STEM on your next Research opportunity

Emily Wilcoxson
July 21, 2023

Culturally responsive strategies are increasingly seriously considered in the review criteria, and more federal sponsors are requiring integration of practices related to inclusive and equity-minded strategies as part of the submission process. It is critical to integrate these strategies in each proposal from the beginning and that it be an integral component of every proposal budget. By engaging an organization such as CBP-STEM in your proposal you are demonstrating a serious commitment to the principles of the funding announcement. 

This post outlines how to utilize this ASU resource to strengthen the impact of your research and craft a competitive proposal. Currently, ASU’s WP Carey and Biodesign are benefiting from CBP-STEM’s expertise and decade of experience working with HSI’s across the country and bringing significant HSI intentionality to help inform the servingness component of HSI’s on their recently funded grants.  


CBP-STEM focus areas:

  • Hispanic/Latinx population: Tap into the talent of this growing population and expunge the achievement gap.
  • 2-year and 4-year HSI’s and emerging HSI’s: Support these institutions designed to lead students directly to the STEM education or onto a pathway to bachelor’s and advanced degrees.
  • STEM education & workforce: Invest in the national imperative to graduate more STEM students with higher earning potential and economic impact.
  • Culturally Responsive Strategies in STEM: Provide professional development for faculty, staff, and administrators to support their grant efforts and to ensure they are meeting the needs of their increasingly diverse student population.

CBP-STEM can help you craft a competitive proposal by: 

  • Appointing a subject matter expert to incorporate culturally-responsive language and integrating culturally responsive practices throughout your proposal. CBP-STEM’s experts will incorporate culturally responsive strategies into your proposal to strengthen broader impacts and broadening participation goals.
  • Supporting faculty and staff interested in facilitating an Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) and implementing culturally responsive recruitment and retention strategies 
  • Facilitating networking and collaboration opportunities with community colleges, Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs), minority-serving institutions (MSIs) and rural institutions. CBP-STEM works to bring a common vision across these organizations and can act as a facilitator for partner engagement on your proposal. 
  • Developing and analyzing surveys focused on intentionality, inclusion and equity.

To date CBP-STEM has partnered on the following successful grants: 

  • SLOAN Foundation Award #G202219542: MyPath2ASU transfer pathway program
    • CBP-STEM is currently working with WP Carey to develop a diverse pathway from 2yr-HSIs to ASU’s Economics degree programs. 
  • NSF Award #2132183 - Emerging Frontiers & Multidisciplinary Activities 
    • CBP-STEM assisted Biodesign Institute faculty on this grant with the Broader Impacts component of their research using culturally responsive language and effective student outreach, recruitment and retention processes.
  • NSF Award #2025490 - Nanotechnology Collaborative Infrastructure Southwest 
    • CBP-STEM assisted ASU Physics faculty on this grant to promote technologies and technological education as the means to a viable STEM career
  • NSF Award #2120021 - NSF INCLUDES Alliance: ALRISE 
    • CBP-STEM through the ALRISE alliance is developing a nationwide network of faculty, staff and administrators to accelerate collaboration and deliver culturally responsive training workshops.

For information about CBP-STEM or how you can collaborate with them on your research, contact: Amy Key at