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Moonshot Thinking (Opportunity Kick-Off) 

September 29, 2022

Research Development Opportunity Kick-off events are introductions to specific funding opportunities that provide an overview of requirements, advice and lessons learned from experienced faculty, and a chance to network with other ASU faculty.

Topic: Moonshot Thinking (Opportunity Kick-Off) 

This event will introduce faculty to an initiative of the ASU Foundation’s Presidential Advancement team, the Moonshot Accelerator. The office seeks to identify, cultivate, and secure opportunities for ASU to leverage capacity and capital to support our most ambitious priorities. The moonshot references the US mission to land on the moon. This audacious goal was met by harnessing collective imagination and values, inspiring individuals and federal agencies to act, and believing that the unprecedented can be achieved.  

Moonshots are available from a variety of federal and philanthropic sponsors. The programs often require cross-disciplinary and interinstitutional collaboration to work over many years or even decades. For example, MacArthur’s 100&Change asked applicants to imagine how the world could change with $100M.  

ASU Foundation via the Moonshot Accelerator works with faculty to develop ideas and teams to pursue Moonshots. Learn more at this presentation.  


  • Jacqueline Smith, Vice President, ASU Foundation  

  • Michelle Govani, Director, ASU Foundation 

Date: September 29, 2022
Time: 10am-11am AZ 
Location: online only 
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