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Graphic Asset Library (Opportunity Kick-Off)

October 04, 2022

Research Development Opportunity Kick-off events are introductions to specific funding opportunities that provide an overview of requirements, advice and lessons learned from experienced faculty, and a chance to network with other ASU faculty.

Topic: Graphic Asset Library 

Mike Parkinson is one of only 36 Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs in the world. He is an internationally recognized communication and presentation expert, best-selling author, and professional trainer. Mike’s keynotes, training, books (“Billion Dollar Graphics” and “A Trainer’s Guide to PowerPoint: Best Practices for Master Presenters.”), and tools ( help companies succeed while saving money and time.  

He does big business proposals for a living, but every single piece of advice he gives is applicable to academic proposals.  

Research Development is paying for an annual subscription to Mike’s Graphic Asset Library to the first 40 people who register for this kick-off. The Asset Library is a searchable library of over 10,000 professional, editable graphics and graphic elements for PowerPoint or Google Slides (and can be copy/pasted into Adobe Illustrator or ANY other graphics tool). The library can help you start conceptualization of a graphic, complete the conceptualization, or steer you in the right direction. For FREE.  

This kick-off will introduce you to the asset library and how to use it in an informal, fun, low stress way. 


Presenter: Mike Parkinson, owner of the global empire known as Billion Dollar Graphics

Date: October 4, 2022
Time: 10am-11am AZ time 
Location: Online only 
Register here: