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You have the power: To review

Research Development
July 28, 2022

The power of reviewing is threefold

Becoming a reviewer for federal sponsors helps you understand the process, advocate for important work to be funded, and increase your composition skills.

All federal sponsors participate in some type of peer-review process for funding proposals for sponsored projects. The process is somewhat different between these organizations. Understanding the process is important and many of the sponsor websites have extensive information regarding navigating the process of submission, review, and award.

Peer review, in theory, allows for experts to identify and elevate research that is perceived as important to advance in the mission of the organization's mission. It has been well documented that award rates have a bias towards majority groups. It is important that individuals with diverse background and experience participate as reviewers to address this bias and advocate for an equitable funding landscape.

The NSF INCLUDES presented a webinar in 2022 regarding how to navigate becoming a reviewer. Take a moment to watch and determine the benefits for your work. It features NSF, NASA, NIFA, and NIH.