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FY23 NSF MSRI-2 (Opportunity Kick-off)

Research Development
April 10, 2023

Research Development Opportunity Kick-off events are introductions to specific funding opportunities or resources that enhance application competitiveness. Sponsored by KE Research Development.

Arizona State University (ASU) recently was awarded funding through the National Science Foundation Midscale Research Infrastructure – 2 program. Learn more about the program and the size and scope of programs that are relevant to the program from those with experience.

From the solicitation: NSF-supported science and engineering research increasingly relies on cutting-edge infrastructure. With its Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) program and Major Multi-user Research Facility projects (Major Facilities), NSF supports infrastructure projects at the lower and higher ends of infrastructure scales across science and engineering research disciplines. The Mid-scale Research Infrastructure Programs are intended to provide NSF with an agile, Foundation-wide process to fund experimental research capabilities in the mid-scale range between the MRI and Major Facilities thresholds. In alignment with NSF's goal to bring together diverse disciplinary perspectives to support convergent research, proposals submitted in response to this solicitation will be managed by a cross-disciplinary team of NSF Program Directors.

ASU’s recent award:

Letter of Intent is due May 15, 2023

Preliminary Proposal is due June 20, 2023

Full Proposal (invitation only) is due December 18, 2023

Program Link:


  • Eva Allen, Proposal Manager, Research Development
  • Keith Aspinall, Strategic Intelligence
  • Erica Cottrell, Portfolio Manager, Project Management
  • Award team members

Register here:

Date: April 10, 2023

Time: 12:00pm AZ

Location: online only