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FY2024 Regents’ Research Grants Opportunity Kick-off 

May 31, 2023

Research Development Opportunity Kick-off events are introductions to specific funding opportunities that provide an overview of requirements, advice and lessons learned from experienced faculty, and a chance to network with other ASU faculty.

Topic: FY2024 Regents’ Research Grants Opportunity Kick-off 

The Regents’ Grants program, offered by the Arizona Board of Regents, funds research across Arizona’s multiple public universities designed to uncover new solutions to persistent challenges impacting Arizona and its residents.

Evaluate Contaminant Fate and Transport in Biosolids ADEQ

ADEQ seeks to understand the risks from contaminants in biosolids resulting from wastewater treatment in order to ensure that biosolids are not impairing aquifers, contaminating crops, or endangering residents on Arizona public lands.

Environmental Communication & Engagement Best Practices ADEQ

ADEQ seeks to identify the most effective messages and modes for communicating with and engaging businesses and Arizona residents to take actions to project public health and the environment and increase compliance with environmental regulations.

Reprocessing Copper Mine Tailings Arizona State Mine Inspector

The State Mine Inspector seeks innovative, environmentally beneficial and cost-effective technologies for reprocessing copper mine tailings.

Deadline for submissions is June 23, 2023. Proposal responses are limited to 4-5 pages and must include a budget spreadsheet. Multi-university proposals are encouraged but not required.


  • Lara Ferry, Assoc. Vice President for Research, Arizona State University
  • Nick Millas, Proposal Manager, Research Development, Arizona State University

Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Time: 11:00 am (Arizona)
Location: Online only