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CAOE is Seeking Proposals for New Research Focused on Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Hayley Bohall
September 07, 2022

Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) under development promise the ability to control the sharing and use of sensitive information while minimizing the risk of unauthorized use. These technologies have been under development by researchers for nearly four decades but have been slow to migrate from the research lab into operational use. To address this, Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency (CAOE) conducted a workshop in June 2022, that brought together  academics, industry and homeland security practitioners to discuss open problems and needs for PETs in the Homeland Security Enterprise.

Based on the outcomes from this workshop, the CAOE is seeking proposals for new research focused on privacy enhancing technologies (PETS).  We are specifically looking for research that would allow (but is not limited to): 

  • Privacy-preserving sharing and analysis of images and video, such as from surveillance cameras or body camera
  • Privacy-preserving construction and application of watch lists based on multiple data sources
  • Privacy-preserving techniques for creating, maintaining and linking anonymous identities and profiles
  • Multiparty and homomorphic computation to allow for analysis of datasets held by multiple parties without the need to physically combine datasets.
  • Other PETs that would address specific operational needs that could be solved with data sharing or analysis that is currently blocked because of concerns about ownership, access, overcollection, or risk associated with the use of operational data.

A formal proposal review process, including evaluation by external subject matter experts, will be conducted to select those for which a grant award will be offered.

Please click here for the complete RFP guidelines and instructions. 

Deadline:  October 13, 2022

Specific questions about this request for proposals should be addressed in writing to Professor Ross Maciejewski, Director of the CAOE, at